Start Your Spring Cleaning with a Raw Food Cleanse

If you have never tried a raw food or raw juice cleanse like me, CleanseATX is the perfect opportunity to do so. For those who have tried cleansing, they will enjoy taking their cleanse to the next level.

What is CleanseATX? It’s a ten day raw foods and juice cleanse beginning on March 21st, 2012 sponsored by the New Earth Center (an Austin, TX based raw foods manufacturer and conscious living center), Whole Foods Market, Yoga Yoga and other local Austin Texas businesses.

I had the privilege of talking with Arttemis Keszainn, co-founder of New Earth and CleanseATX. He says, “Many people are interested in cleansing, but have yet to try it because they don’t know enough about it”. I definitely agree with this. I’ve been kicking the idea around for years but because of conflicting information and my lack of knowledge of doing a juice cleanse, I decided not to do it. The cool thing about Cleanse ATX is that participants get the support they need with instructions on how to prepare for their cleanse, delicious recipes for raw foods, juices and smoothies, and what to do after the cleanse. Plus, the CleanseATX website ( contains videos featuring live recordings of guest speakers, live classes, and events for members.

After talking with some expert cleansers I found out that a raw food cleanse can do some wondrous things. These are three things I found a raw food/juice cleanse can do for you: first, it allows the body and mind to repair and rid itself of harmful toxins and chemicals that your body has been exposed to. Second, it can help de-cloud your mind, enabling you to “see” clearer and it can create healthy passages within your body allowing your energy to flow more freely.

Some people have had a profound experience after a raw juice cleanse like Mark Scherer, CEO of New Earth. “Cleansing has made a huge impact on my life,” says Mark. “After cleansing, I am free from skin and respiratory allergies, and my ruptured disc is healed. I also have greater mental clarity and a more positive attitude.”

The ten-day challenge includes live events every day around Austin, such as seminars and films related to cleansing and healthy eating, a dance party with smart cocktails and a festival to close it out. Opening ceremonies are on the rooftop plaza of Whole Foods Market downtown on March 20, 2012.

Not going to be in Austin at the end of March, they offer a virtual cleanse you can do from home or at your office. The virtual cleanse includes 3 e-books to help you through your cleanse, raw food meals, juices and elixirs, coupons and videos of the live CleanseATX events.

To sign up and get more info and schedules of events, go to Get Juiced! And, be a happier, leaner and greener machine this spring! I know I am.